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Threading The Narrative Needle

Needle Space Labs is a visual content incubator helping thread the narrative needle: We help elevate narratives for commercial enterprises and social good organizations.

With "The Thread" Needle Space offering, we help commercial enterprises build a highly accessible visual brand with videos and content that are optimized to immediately inspire action, impact pipeline, drive revenue and influence investors. We combine data insights and a journalist's rigor to discover , extract and ignite the dormant creative seeds that can grow and accelerate your business while you worry about building product.

We are journalists, artists, designers, animators, storytellers and marketers who have activated the creative function to catalyze business growth at brands like WSJ, CNN, Druva, Expanse and Splunk.

With "The Point" product offering , we help purpose-driven organizations tell the authentic and credible human stories behind their causes, through a lens of urgent optimism and defiant joy, and with an eye towards helping create agency--self-empowerment--for those who need it most.

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