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Needle Space Labs is a visual content incubator helping thread the narrative needle: We help elevate narratives for commercial enterprises and social good organizations.

 With "The Thread" Needle Space offering, we help commercial enterprises build a highly accessible visual brand with videos and content that are optimized to immediately inspire action, impact pipeline, drive revenue and influence investors. We combine data insights and a journalist's rigor to discover , extract and ignite the dormant creative seeds that can grow and accelerate your business while you worry about building product.

We are journalists, artists, designers, animators, storytellers and marketers who have activated the creative function to catalyze business growth at brands like WSJ, CNN, Druva, and Splunk.

With "The Point" product offering , we help purpose-driven organizations tell the authentic and credible human stories behind their causes, through a lens of urgent optimism and defiant joy, and with an eye towards helping create agency--self-empowerment--for those who need it most.

What's YOUR Point? 



The Thread

Needle Space Labs' business offering provides a thoughtful, iterative approach to high-impact marketing video optimized for action. We provide end-to-end video production including concepting, scripting, shooting and editing short films. The Thread also offers elevated narrative and branding services for companies in need of accessible external-facing creative services and messaging that encourage investment and broad corporate and identity awareness. 


The Point

Needle Space Labs' purpose-driven offering provides a broad scope of creative services for social change video projects that elevate the human story, promote diversity, encourage a better planet, and elevate voices of the previously voiceless--helping provide agency for those who need it the most.  Needle Space's unique approach to video content is optimized for action, so that video content is not passively consumed, but part of the force for change many mission-driven organizations seek. Needle Space is driven by the ideas of urgent optimism and defiant joy. 


The Fabric

Needle Space Labs is insipired by human-centered design: Art and expression as therapy. Storytelling has the power to change lives, elevate narratives, and bring urgent optimism and defiant joy to the human condition. Telling stories and creating video art can help us heal, and create the positive change we all want to see. The Fabric offering provides live-event seminars to help train students, mid-career professionals, and retirees on how to use and create videos and stories that lift the spirit, and define defiant joy. This is Needle Space Labs' long project, to build a critical mass platform of collective joy. Through The Fabric, Needle Space Labs hopes to inspire long term thinking through the lens of conscientious positivity. 

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